After Close Call With Tornado, Canadian Man Releases Severe Weather App

Weather Warnings Canada – Canadian Weather and Storm Alerts (AppStore Link)
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Weather Warnings Canada – Canadian Weather and Storm Alerts
Developer: Kolapore Media Group Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Four years ago an Canadian man and his family had a close encounter with an unexpected F2 tornado. Luckily they escaped unharmed. That day, August 20, 2009, there were eighteen confirmed tornado touchdowns in Ontario. The Weather Warnings Canada app was inspired by that close call.

Severe weather appears to be on the rise in Canada. Environment Canada recommends that all Canadians use a weather radio to stay informed of impending severe weather. Unless you carry it around though, a weather radio cannot keep you informed in all situations.

Don't be caught unprepared by severe weather! Stay informed when severe weather is on the way. Weather Warnings Canada is a free app that provides weather conditions, forecasts and weather alerts in an easy to use format. Users can select up to five locations from over 800 provided by Environment Canada. The app provides current conditions, forecasts and weather alerts. The app also allows users to report severe weather directly to Environment Canada.

* Push notifications of weather watches and warnings
* Weather alerts viewable on each location's weather page in mobile format
* Report severe weather directly to Environment Canada
* Get Prepared - Learn what to do if a flood, tornado or other hazardous weather is approaching
* Uses Environment Canada weather data

Weather Warnings Canada 1.1 is Free and available exclusively through the Canadian App Store in the Weather category.

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