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Albumm - Shared Photo Albums (AppStore Link)
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Albumm - Shared Photo Albums
Developer: Blank Market ApS
Price: free Download on the App Store

The market of social photo apps is crowded with incumbent US start-ups backed by millions of dollars, so why even bother approaching this space.

But to Blank Market, social isn't really sharing - it's more a public display for your friends to see and comment on. Albumm is about sharing your photos with your friends where they get their own copy. So no more asking friends to send pictures from the trip to the beach, the barbecue or the like - now 'copies' are shared the moment they are shot.

Albumm is a unique and great way to create and share entire albums that your friends can see and modify. Simply invite friends and family to join an albumm and everyone's snapshots will automatically be saved and organized across every iPhone.

Easily shared - easy backup:
Users can see the pictures being shared in Albumm, but its developers were determined to create an app where the posted photos are not contained within the app as they are in other social media apps. "When you share photos with Albumm everyone's photos are saved directly to the your iPhone's native photos app - organized by albumm name of course," co-founder Anders Hoejmose explains, "This way we ensure that the photos shared really become yours to keep in the easiest way possible."

Because Albumm pushes pictures and albumms to your iPhone's native photos app, you have complete and instant access to the photos. This convenient out-of-app functionality gives you a totally hassle-free sync to your preferred viewer or backup provider, like Flickr or Picasa, iCloud or Dropbox.

Albumm is designed and built by a small Copenhagen start-up: "We know that there are a lot of photo sharing apps out there, but we still missed an app that would share photos among friends and family - like really share the pictures, and not just as an update on Facebook or the like," says co-founder and lead developer Klaus Vibjerg. "Often we found ourselves in a situation where we wanted photos taken by friends, and without any app really solving that issue, we set out to build that perfect app ourselves," he continues.

No other app gives you this unique method of sharing pictures while still having full and seamless access to them afterwards. From now on, you'll never have to ask friends or family to send any photos - they are already on your iPhone.

Albumm 1.0 Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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