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Alien Shooter EX. (AppStore Link)
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Alien Shooter EX.
Developer: Charlie Choi
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Alien Shooter Ex, a runaway hit from much loved PC and mobile action game developer RNTS Media, is now available as a free download in the Google Play store and the iTunes App Store.

Alien Shooter Ex launched recently at $1.99, and the much anticipated mobile game has lived up to, and exceeded, fans' expectations. "The updated graphics are incredible," one reviewer raves. "Alien Shooter Ex takes the Alien Shooter franchise to a whole new level, especially for mobile gamers." The generous, limited-time offer making the full-featured download of Alien Shooter Ex free is likely to tempt many more action fans to try out the game as well.

The virtual dual-joystick control system is a triumph of elegance and efficiency, so intuitive most players will have mastered the movement and point-and-shoot mechanics in moments.

RNTS Media aims for immersion, to allow players to be swept up in the adrenaline soaked adventure of an alien invasion run amuck. Alien Shooter is non-stop action, enhanced with RNTS Media's signature attention to detail. The game even features social multi-player modes so that friends can help one another complete missions.

RNTS Media's expansion into the mobile gaming arena has already been noteworthy, and making their newest, hottest title free for a limited time can only improve their standing with gamers. Alien Shooter Ex holds its own easily against other action shooters above its usual $1.99 price range; therefore this free promotion is limited to only one week.

* Expansive 3D world with 25 Stages
* Elegant, sensitive, uncluttered dual touchscreen joystick controls for smooth character movement and point-and-shoot targeting
* Fast-paced, action-heavy, in-your-face gameplay
* Incredible textures, lighting, crisp graphics, and exceptional character and level design
* Find dozens of useful equipment and booster items in game

Alien Shooter 1.0.1 is free and available worldwide through the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Market in the Games category.

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