Anansi Mobile Announces Its Latest Game: Wild City

Wild City (AppStore Link)
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Wild City
Developer: Anansi Entertainment Co., Limited
Price: free Download on the App Store

Anansi Mobile is proud to release Wild City to the Apple Store for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad devices. The development team has designed a game that stimulates creativity, socialization and career building while providing an addictive gameplay.

Wild City takes the player to a world where anything can be achieved, all it takes is guts. The player starts up as a rookie under the lead of a skillful master who preaches the ways of this marvelous city. From then on it's a fast ride. The player must find a job, learn to use tools, develop money-making abilities, build his strength at the gym, learn to use items, fight to make a living, buy a property, go on errands, learn how to receive medical treatment, buy and handle weapons and armor, and why not? Fight for the fun of it, not to mention the possibility to join a family or get married to obtain common benefits. All this in order to be happier and wealthier.

To confront these harder than life conditions, the player must work out frequently to raise his strength, defense, speed and dexterity. By doing so, he becomes a better fighter and might perhaps choose to make a living out of it. With the money earned, a player can buy a better property to live in and become happier, obtaining better results from his workouts. On the other hand, becoming a businessman is also very profitable. The game allows the player to buy commodities, items and specialties from world-renowned cities and bring them back to Wild City for sale. The law of supply and demand applies here, so timing and good bargaining abilities are a must.

No matter which path is chosen, the possibilities of the game are endless, allowing the player to play in a fresh and unique environment where only one rule applies: Freedom. "We wanted to give gamers something different, something unique," says Yuhui Wang, CEO of Anansi Mobile.

Wild City 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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