Ancient Aliens And Other Strange Unsolved Mysteries Comes To iPhone

Ancient Aliens And Other Strange Unsolved Mysteries (AppStore Link)
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Ancient Aliens And Other Strange Unsolved Mysteries
Developer: 288 Vroom LLC
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Bridgewater, New Jersey - 288 Vroom LLC is pleased to announce the mind blowing 'Ancient Aliens And Other Strange Unsolved Mysteries' for iPhone and iPod touch (iPad compatible).

What if some legends are real? What if the history books are wrong? What if we aren't looking close enough at the facts? What if it's time for the truth to be discovered? 'Ancient Aliens And Other Strange Unsolved Mysteries' for iPhone explores these questions and more by presenting facts and asking logical questions based on those facts.

'Ancient Aliens And Other Strange Unsolved Mysteries' for iOS is packed with great features including tons of info, images, and reference links to additional info, photos, video, and more that are viewable without leaving the app via the in-app web browser. Plus, now you can visit the newly added feature 'Aliens In Ancient Art Gallery' where you can view, read about, and even email images to friends and then you can decide for yourself what these odd paintings mean.

Here's Just a Few Of The Mysteries You Will Explore And Decide For Yourself:
- Possibility Of Ancient Aliens and Astronauts
- The Uncanny Connections And Similarities Between Ancient Civilizations That Supposedly Never Knew Each Other
- Egypt's Pyramids Of Giza
- Iconic Stonehenge
- America's Stonehenge (Didn't know there was one, did you?)
- The Birds-Eye-View-Only Nazca Lines Of Peru
- Puzzling Puma Punku
- The Mayans and the Mayan calendar
- Aliens In Ancient Art
- UFO SightingsToday
- The Famous Roswell Incident
- Top Secret Area 51
- Release Of British Government X-Files
- Cryptozoology (Real Monsters)
- The Jersey Devil (288 Vroom's Hometown Legend)
- The Existence Of Bigfoot
- And So Much More

Features Include:
- Explore strange unsolved mysteries throughout time with information, images, and links
- Over 100 reference links that can be opened within the app to help you further explore the mysteries with additional info, photos, videos, and more.
- NEW! - Aliens In Ancient Art Gallery - View Photos Of Ancient Art that may contain images of UFOs and Aliens. Read about each image. AND Send Images To Friends Right From Within The App!

Great Reviews in iTunes AppStores Around The World:
- "Very informative. Love this app. Lots of interesting facts!" - 5 Stars - United States Of America AppStore
- "Mysteriously awesome! I luv this app! It is so awesome and a little creepy at the same time!" - 5 Stars - USA AppStore
- "This app is great to introduce or share paranormal topics with others, and the update now has links! Good work." - 5 Stars - USA AppStore
- "Educational app. Love this app!" - Five Stars - USA AppStore
- "I thought this was an interesting app, there are some great things I didn't know in there." - 5 Stars - United Kingdom AppStore
- "Amazing!" - 5 Stars - UK AppStore
- "My hobby is to read mythical stories, this is great!" - Five Stars - Philippines AppStore
- "Feeding my knowledge." - 5 Stars - Indonesia AppStore
- "Excellent research and editing really informative" - 5 Stars - India AppStore
- "Very cool app!" - 5 Stars - Australia AppStore
- "I like reading about this sort of stuff, thought provoking." - 5 Stars - Australia AppStore

"As some who absolutely cannot get enough of television shows, podcasts, and books that explore histories unsolved mysteries, I truly enjoyed researching content for this app, I hope users enjoy it as much as I did building it" - said G.L. Levine, founder or 288 Vroom LLC

Ancient Aliens And Other Strange Unsolved Mysteries is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Books category. Review copies are available upon request. All future updates are included with initial purchase.

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