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Visual Finance
Developer: Andromeda Training, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Andromeda Training, a business acumen training company with clients throughout the world, announces the launch of Visual Finance, an iPad app that visually delivers the key components necessary to analyze the financial health of a company.

Visual Finance shows the income statement and balance sheet in a single graphical representation, instantly showing the relationships between these key financial indicators. The unique visual picture helps make financial analysis quick and intuitive. 

The single-glance view is interactive: tap and see the numbers in the related financial statement, key ratios, or glossary definitions. Instead of paging back and forth, trying to compare complex numerical data, this simple, single picture gives the user an instant read on a company.

"In our business we see many people who have a fear of financial numbers. They look at financial statements and aren't able to process the information in any meaningful way. The visualization methodology we use in Visual Finance makes it easy to see rather than calculate financial ratios,” said Eliza Helweg-Larsen, co-founder of Andromeda Training. “It allows even the most finance phobic person to analyze a company's financial health without having to rely on others to run the numbers for them.”

Robin Helweg-Larsen, co-founder of Andromeda Training added, "Our company has been involved in helping people understand finance for over 20 years. The iPad seemed like a natural fit for us and a way that we could bring the financial visualization we use in our Income Outcome business acumen training workshops to a whole new audience. Visual Finance is an intuitive and natural way of comparing and prioritizing data whether you're a stock market investor, a salesperson looking at clients, or a manager trying to develop a big picture of the company.

“Chapel Hill based Four Clouds, LLC developed the app for us. They were great to work with and provided insights and suggestions that improved the final product."

Visual Finance is free to download at the iTunes App Store and the iPad App Store. Upgrading to the full version allows users to look at the current and past annual financial reports for over 450 of the world's top companies, including most of the Fortune 500®. More information and screenshots can be seen at

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