Ant Smash Up - Free Multiplayer game for iPad iPhone & iPod touch

Ant Smash Up FREE multiplayer action game for kids and adults (AppStore Link)
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Ant Smash Up FREE multiplayer action game for kids and adults
Developer: John Angemi
Price: free Download on the App Store

As you may have guessed from the title, this game is not for insect lovers but more for the foodies out there who don't like to see a crumb go to waste. The object of this fun and addictive little game is to prevent the hordes of insects that run at your sandwich from sinking their fangs into your lovingly prepared snack. You do this by simply squashing the little buggers with your thumbs, fingers or any other implement that you have to hand (yes, including your hand).

The soundtrack is set to tense, electro stylings and it is over these pounding beats that you'll hear the squelching noise as you crush each insidious wave of ants. I particularly like the sound effects that you hear when crushing a bee, a resigned, "Ouuww..." as it's flattened into your blanket. The game progresses as you stop more and more different types of insects and you accumulate points depending on which zone you squash them in.

I really enjoy the Multiplayer mode in which you can create a profile and play against other online gamers in live tournaments; you can also challenge your Facebook friends to contend in a real time tournament. Ant Smash Up is also suitable for the little ones, so you can upgrade to the Kids Zone feature that removes all of the ads in the free game and allow your children to play in an unlimited setting without losing any lives.

All in all, it's a fabulously fun game and considering that it's free, there's not a lot to stop you downloading it; just think of all of the sandwiches that you'll save next summer...

Ant Smash Up 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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