Apalon's Alarm Clock Tells Time With Personality

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My Alarm Clock
Developer: MYW Productions
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Universal Alarm ClockToday Apalon releases their universal Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, the app that allows discovering a new beautiful way to tell time and show off a little bit of its owner personality. The new title features stylish designer clocks and provides the functionality of 4 indispensable apps in 1, combining alarm clock, sleep timer, clock, and weather.

"We at Apalon believe that time must be exact, and a clock must be stylish. Our Alarm Clock for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is the best proof of it. It's not an ordinary alarm clock app, it's an application for people who want a lot more from their clock than just time. It helps to make your iOS devices more your own." - said Peter Melnikov, VP of Apalon. 

The landmark feature of the app is that every clock was created by professional designers exclusively for this application. There are futuristic clocks and clocks with a nice retro touch, modern and classic, analog and digital clocks which guarantee that every user will be able to find the one that perfectly fits their taste and personality.

Alarm Clock packs in a lot of functionality. Users can create a wake-up playlist or go to sleep with their favorite music stored on their iOS devices. Alarm options include such a nice touch as a possibility to set multiple alarms, assigning a different tune to each one even in the background. The app also has an essential feature for a bedside alarm clock that lets adjust the brightness of the clock, making it useful for sensitive eyes or saving battery. Furthermore, it helps to keep up with the local weather, and shows the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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