App-Control Gadgets Will Be a Hit for the Holidays, Predicts Brookstone

Brookstone Rover Remote Control Spy Tank

App-controlled toys, like this Rover Remote Control Spy Tank from Brookstone, are positioned as a top pick for Christmas 2011.

The most interesting vehicle in motion this December 24 may not be driven by reindeer. According to unique-gifts retailer Brookstone, it'll be the Rover Wireless Spy Tank with night vision. Brookstone has identified the hot gift trend this year, and it's app-control for fun, entertainment, and health.

"People are using their smartphones for a variety of activities and Brookstone has some fantastic app-control products that fit perfectly this holiday," said Brookstone CEO Ron Boire. "Not only do we have the latest in app-control, but we're also using apps, Foursquare, QR codes and social media to engage consumers and enhance the shopping experience." 

Top App-Controlled Toys

App-controlled toys have achieved techno-nirvana by successfully combining the worlds of video gaming and live-action toys. Here's the rundown on this year's best AC (app-controlled) gifts. All have free downloadable apps for iPod touch®, iPhone® and iPad® devices.

Rover Wireless Spy Tank

Video-streaming, night-vision wireless tank that's taking over holiday wish lists across the nation. $149.99

Parrot® AR.Drone™ Quadricopter

Built-in Wi-Fi connection, accelerometer and video cameras let pilots fly it using Apple iOS® or Android™ device. $299.99

Wi-Fi Racer

Ready, set… GO! This 1/10-scale race car turns your iOS or Android device into a steering wheel, with beginner, advanced and expert driving modes. $99.99


Tankbots are mini vehicles that can be driven via Apple iOS or Android devices. Offers infrared obstacle detection and an autonomous personality mode to explore terrain and navigate through mazes, and even duel each other. Available in multiple colors. For ages 8 and up. $29.99 each

Multiplayer App-Controlled Gadgets

Share the fun with friends. Be the hit of the holiday party with this smart app that makes you the next pop star.

Soulo™ Karaoke for iPad, Tablet

Soulo takes the music in any iPod touch, iPhone or iPad device, strips out the vocal, then lets anyone be the star of the show. Soulo streams lyrics onto the screen and uses real-time pitch enhancement to keep less-than-professional singers in tune. (Pop stars use this technology, so why not us?) $99.99

App Control Devices for Health

Play an active role in your health with apps. From tracking blood pressure to monitoring sleep, these app-control systems take well-being to the next level.

iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System

ihealth blood pressure monitoring systemThe first blood pressure monitoring system for iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. iHealth includes a diary for tracking BP measurements taken by the included blood pressure cuff and dock. It makes tracking your blood pressure elegant, simple and dare we say it fun. It also empowers you to learn more about your numbers using free analysis tools, and World Health Organization (WHO) classifications. $99.99

Zeo©  App-Controlled Sleep Manager

Are you getting 6-8 hours of sleep per night and still waking up tired? Improve your sleep using your iPhone or Android device. Zeo lets you track your sleep patterns to see just how much restorative REM and deep sleep you're actually getting so you can better manage your health and overall wellness.  $99.99

Take these app-controlled products for a test drive at a Brookstone store and check out additional app-controlled iPad accessories online at

Brookstone, Inc. is an innovative product development company and specialty retailer of unique gifts and innovative consumer products with 300 stores nationwide and in Puerto Rico. Typically located in high-traffic regional shopping malls and airports, the stores feature unique and innovative consumer products.

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