AppCrayon iPad StylusGarners Teacher Approval for Pre-writing Skills


AppCrayon classroom stylusJust days before Apple's recent educational announcement, one toymaker was busily demonstrating the AppCrayon classroom stylus to a conference of California's Kindergarten teachers. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive and the verdict was clear. Teachers want a stylus. This was not entirely surprising for the folks at DANO Toys who designed the AppCrayon with input from professional educators and beta-tested it in classrooms across the globe for almost a year.

"By pairing a stylus with letter-writing, drawing, note-taking and other apps, DANO Toys has found a way to meld the new, forward-thinking iPad education program with traditional educational methods," says DANO Toys Education Director Chelsea Monahan. "Despite using a touchscreen device, students are still able to hold a pencil-like stylus to develop the motor skills that are necessary for printing, cursive and drawing."

The idea for the AppCrayon grew out of customer feedback of DANO's successful letter writing app, Little Sky Writers. Parents who owned the app were concerned that their children were only learning to write with their fingers. DANO could not find a suitable stylus to recommend for children so they decided to make their own.

They wanted to be sure that the stylus was not only safe and comfortable for kids' use, but that its shape would train kids in the correct way to hold a pencil. The result is a rubber triangular-shaped grip that is so functional and ergonomic that many adults are drawn to the stylus as well.

DANO is a firm believer in the educational value of tablet computers, and that by offering educators well-designed accessories such as the AppCrayon, children can simultaneously learn both core skills and cutting edge technology.

The AppCrayon is now available for schools to purchase at educational pricing and will be available at the retail level in Spring. Little Sky Writers for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is now available for sale in the iTunes store.

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