Apple Features InstaDo in Whats Hot on iTunes

InstaDo: Friend Zone is Over through Fun Flirt and Easy Social Dating (AppStore Link)
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InstaDo: Friend Zone is Over through Fun Flirt and Easy Social Dating
Developer: Webtouch SRL
Price: free Download on the App Store

Roasted Brains Studio proudly announces the popular social dating iOS App InstaDo was recently featured in the "What's Hot" section of iTunes, in the Social Networking category. InstaDo is a great social dating App which allows users of the App, based on their choice, to search, invite and date their Facebook friends or other InstaDo users, using an original and fun approach.

InstaDo, accumulated lots of downloads lately and break into the Top 100 Social Networking and Top 200 Social Networking in various countries, including US Social Networking Top 200. The App is localized in 12 different languages including Spanish, English, Russian and Chinese, therefore the users of InstaDo are located all over the world.

Here's How it Works:
1. Create your account by logging in with Facebook, browse your friends or app users and click on the ones you fancy.
2. Invite them to coffee, dinner, movie or directly to Do It. A private Facebook notification is sent, but they will never ever see your choice.
3. If they're interested too, they will answer and a match is done on the softest pick between the two.
4. Chat opens up so you can plan going out on a date!

Private and secure by design, InstaDo is totally discreet and private, therefore will never post anything to your Facebook page without your permission and will do everything necessary to protect your privacy.

"This app wins in terms of privacy and self-esteem protection."

"InstaDo is a great App for anyone whose tired of always ending up in your crush's friend zone! Too anxious to tell them in person? Then InstaDo is perfect. You can safely ask any of your Facebook friends out on a date! The app also has a fun and easy layout and interface. This App is a must try!"

"With this launch, InstaDo has an opportunity to become a significant player in areas like social dating, fun and entertainment."

"Absolutely spot on dating app. Lots of hot girls in this dating app and I know they're real because I can see their FB badge and number of friends. Get this app!"

"Great system for meeting someone compatible! I really like this app it's a great way to meet new people."

InstaDo is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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