Trenchman iPhone Game Acquired in Appsplit Marketplace, Released to the App Store


trenchman acquired by appsplit

New iPhone Game to Help You Kill Hours: Trenchman by appsplit.

appsplit announces the release of Trenchman, the first gaming iPhone app to be acquired by appsplit through its marketplace.

"Trenchman and gaming apps mark a new direction for appsplit," said Hussein Yahfoufi, founder and president of appsplit, a company which is best known for industry specific apps like its diamond pricing calculators, DiamPrice and My Jeweler. Appsplit acquired Trenchman though a listing in the appsplit marketplace and released it to the App Store after enhancing some of the game's features.

Gamers will be delighted with the basic yet addictive premise of Trenchman: surviving behind enemy lines when all you have at your disposal is grenades and your trusted trench. Of course, survival becomes increasingly more challenging as a gamer progresses through the game.

Trenchman, which integrates game center, includes an achievements board and a leader board. The achievement board tests a gamer's skill level with specific tasks whereas the leader board showcases overall performance of top Trenchman survivors.

"In addition to developing our own apps, we are always previewing apps posted to our marketplace and continue to be interested in acquiring new apps. We believed in Trenchman's potential and the initial response has been great. Fans have already posted some impressive scores on the leader board and have contacted us with some requests for future updates," Hussein continued.

About appsplit

appsplit is a company specializing in the business of apps. appsplit provides a growing industry with more than 500,000 apps a marketplace where individuals and businesses can buy and sell exclusive and non-exclusive rights to apps source code.

Those looking for an alternative to completely relinquishing ownership of their apps can participate in a Split Program where appsplit assumes the responsibility of supporting, managing and marketing applications on behalf of the owner in return for a percentage of the profit. Inventors and designers with a great idea can have their apps custom built by the appsplit team.


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