Total Turret: 3D Shooter Allows Attack From All Angles


Sky Shark Studios LLC today is pleased to announce the release and worldwide availability of the iPhone version of Total Turret, their arcade-style 3D shooter that was previously available for iPad only. The game features classic turret defense gameplay combined with the intense action and strategy. The game's mission is to survive defending against the enemy assault.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

In Total Turret users should strategically plan their campaign to withstand enemy unit tanks and successfully complete the mission using a variety of tactics and available weapons. The turret has full 360 motion to attack all incoming tanks from all angles which should be highly appreciated by 3D shooter fans.

The Total Turret allows users to choose from Survival and Campaign modes and battle in widely varied environments (Burning City, Death Valley, Desert Storm, and more). Total Turret also provides users with an opportunity to repel their enemy waves in the endless number of perfectly balanced levels with two destructive weapon systems and unlimited ammo at the players' disposal.

"We thrive every day to ever expand our knowledge in developing games. This is an exciting and empowering experience for our company, and for us to see that everyone can enjoy this game as much as we enjoyed creating it." - said Robin Clark, Lead Artist of Sky Shark Studios LLC.

Total Turret 1.0 is available App Store in the Games category.

Total Turret Gameplay Video

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