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Ariau Amazon Towers
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To showcase the beauty and mystery of the Amazon rainforest, author Dr. Francisco Ritta Bernardino and photographer Leonide Principe today introduce Ariau Amazon Towers, their latest photo book available for the iPhone and iPad. Available in 9 languages, the app brings readers on a guided tour of the largest treetop hotel in the world as well as the exotic animals and tropical scenes of the Amazon rainforest. While the initial download is free, Ariau Amazom Towers is also featuring a special discount on the full version (available via in-app purchase) which offers more than 300 photos.

The team that created the Ariau Amazon Towers book will be receiving a Certificate of Merit prize to honor their contributions to the National Cultural Tourism. The creators are honored to receive the certificate on April 20, 2012, in the city of Sorocaba, SP, for excellence in the memorable edition of the book: Ariau Amazon Towers, Evocative Emotions committed with regional sentiment. The ceremony will be held as part of the Cultural Tourism Week Brazil 2012, organized by the Sorocaba Municipality.

From the creators of "Amazon Emotions", the book that takes the Amazon to the four corners of the planet, Ariau Amazon Towers invites readers to take an adventure into the heart of the Amazon forest and discover a unique environment bursting with life.

"The Ariau Amazon Towers app lets you experience the beauty of the rainforest firsthand," said Leonide Principe, whose photographs are featured in the app. "Swim with the River Dolphin, climb giant emergent trees, dive deep into the Amazon... with this new app, your next adventure is at your fingertips!"

Inspired by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau's quest to protect the Amazon Jungle, Dr. Francisco Ritta Bernardino built the Ariau Amazon Towers hotel in 1987. The eco-aware resort, located on the banks of the Rio Negro, was designed to preserve the fragility of this magical forest. Utilizing the techniques of native Amazonians, the hotel was built on stilts in the treetops. Originally an intimate jungle hotel with one tower and four suites, Ariau Towers has grown to become the largest treetop hotel in world.

The Ariau Amazon Towers photo book is the presentation of an Amazon cultural phenomenon, and at the same time, it is a proposition in a global perspective, of a style that encourages, reinforces and applies the need for a new relationship with the bioregion and Nature. The app allows readers to gain a deeper appreciation of this unique hotel and the Amazon as a whole by experiencing it for themselves. And, it shows the importance of protecting the fragile and vital environment of the rainforest.

The free version of Ariau Amazon Towers includes a preview of the book and a video showcasing the exotic animals found in the Amazon forest. After sampling the book, users can upgrade to the full experience which includes over 300 photographs.

Ariau Amazon Towers 1.2 is currently available worldwide through the App Store in the Books category for free. For a limited time, the in-app purchase is available for $2.99 which includes the full book, containing over 300 images.

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