Award-winning geography app GeoFlight South America released for iPad

GeoFlight South America: Learning South American Geography made easy and fun (AppStore Link)
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GeoFlight South America: Learning South American Geography made easy and fun
Developer: Sander Bosch
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

TopoMonkey today is thrilled to announce the release of its award-winning geography app, GeoFlight South America for iPad. GeoFlight South America is an educational iPad game that makes learning geography fun! No boring quizzes or flag puzzles, but high speed arcade action!

The objective of this game is to fly your cute airplane character as quickly as possible between countries, capitals and big cities in South America. This proven learning method helps kids (and adults, really) to discover more about the country they live in and to learn its geography in an easy and fun way.

GeoFlight South America is part of a series of geography apps. The GeoFlight apps were created to create a fun element in learning. GeoFlight apps receive a great reaction from users, thanks to their fast and fun approach to learning.

Award Winning Educational App:
GeoFlight apps are an award-winning educational gaming concept. In a contest called Meester App, organised by the Dutch government in june 2013, GeoFlight apps won second prize in the search for Best Educational App in The Netherlands. This amazing achievement got coverage on National Television and made sure GeoFlight apps are now widely used in schools all over the country.

* Learn 14 countries, 14 capitals and 100 big cities in South America
* 3 game modes: Practice, Timerace and Multiple Choice Questions
* Amazing HD graphics
* 6 languages supported: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Dutch
* No advertisements or in-app purchases

Other Geoflight Apps:
GeoFlight South America is part of a series of educational geography apps (for iOS, Android and Mac) and currently covers 10 different geographic area's:

* GeoFlight USA
* GeoFlight Canada
* GeoFlight Europe
* GeoFlight China
* GeoFlight South America
* GeoFlight France
* GeoFlight Spain
* GeoFlight Germany
* GeoFlight Netherlands
* GeoFlight Belgium

GeoFlight South America HD 1.1 is priced $1.99 and is available worldwide through the Apple App Store in the Education category.

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