Use Skill and Timing to Collect Crazy Creatures in Bams Hunt

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Bams Hunt
Developer: Andrea Terzani
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

ConTer today is pleased to introduce Bams Hunt 1.0 for iOS, a fast-paced game where players use timing and skill to catch animated creatures as they slide through a maze of twisting pipe tunnels, in this iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad Games category application. "Bams Hunt takes players on a fast-paced sliding adventure to collect colorful, energetic and animated creatures," stated ConTer Games' CEO, Andrea Terzani. "This game will have you hooked from the first 'Yippee!'"

To catch the animated creatures, called Bams, players use an animated, weighted hammer mechanism, attached to a trebuchet, an ancient siege engine first employed in the Middle Ages, to trap Bams in cages as they slide out of a variety of shaped tunneling pipes. Players must anticipate the exact moment the Bam will exit the tubes in order to trap them in the cages. Windows in the tubes help players detect how fast the Bams are traveling to anticipate the exact moment at which to release the weighted, spring-loaded hammer to catch the Bams. Players add unique captured Bams to their collection, in the Bams ShowCase.

With 60 challenging levels, randomly generated backgrounds, and wide variety of colorful and animated Bams, Bam Hunt takes players on a wild adventure of skill and timing. Players may collect each of the thirty different Bams and display their collection in the Bams ShowCase. Bams have vibrant personalities and come in a variety of colors and themes, including flag decorated Bams. The different Bam styles, shapes, colors, expressions, and themes will capture the imagination of even the youngest of players.

Players earn stars depending on how many Bams they capture during each new level. Each level sets how many Bams must be captured during that level, in order to be awarded a Bam for the Bams ShowCase, and for players to move on to the next level. Unsuccessful attempts at a level require the player to repeat the level. Successful players perfect their timing and deploy the hammer at just the right time to capture the sliding Bams, and advance to the next level.

"Yippee" yelling Bams, energetic music, and zany sound effects add to the fun of this game. Music and sounds may be muted to quiet the game or to add an additional challenge to the timing of Bams in the tunnels. Always on the move, younger players will be drawn to the energetic and colorful Bams.

Bams Hunt Features

- 60 different levels
- 30 collectable animated Bams
- Random backgrounds and varied twisting tunnels keep levels fresh and new

Bams Hunt 1.0 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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