BeamAir: photos and PDF from your iPhone to your PC, Mac or Projector

BeamAir - mobile presenting (AppStore Link)
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BeamAir - mobile presenting
Developer: DonkeyCat GmbH
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

DonkeyCat GmbH today is proud to announce the release of BeamAir 1.0, its new productivity app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. BeamAir turns the iPhone or iPad into a mobile broadcasting station. It sends newly taken vacation photos directly to relatives, which might be sitting in front of the computer. Or, it streams the content of an opened PDF presentation around the world, straight to the colleagues back in the office. Additionally, annoying reconnecting of cables at the company can be avoided - instead, important content is being forwarded immediately from the iOS to a projector.

In a nutshell:
* New app: BeamAir
* Universal app for the iPhone and iPad
* A mobile presentation that is easy to operate
* Turns any iPhone or iPad into a transmission device
* Streams photos or PDF presentations
* Reception on any device with a web browser
* Does not require registration or inconvenient login
* Price: Free app plus 500 free credits

The only thing a "receiver" requires for the iOS controlled streaming is a device that features a web browser - which could include a PC, a Mac, a Linux computer, a smartphone, a tablet, an Internet-capable television or projector system.

BeamAir: Generate a code, pass it on, and enter it - done:
This universal app for the iPhone or iPad is more than simple to operate. As soon as the app is being started, it generates an individual code for the current session. The code is easily transmitted from within the app via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or SMS to any friends or colleagues, who are participating in the current streaming. Naturally, the code may also be shared verbally. The established code needs to be entered on the Beamair website - and that's it. No registration, login or opening of an account on Beamair is necessary.

Right after entering the code a connection is being established - between the sending iPhone/iPad and the receiving web browser. Several people may at any time join or leave the session. When the sender uses the iPhone or iPad to scroll through the photo library, the images are transferred immediately to the web browser of the recipient - live! It does not get much easier when it comes to displaying images an audience - and it also works with PDF presentations that are for example being opened from an e-mail attachment.

Gerald Novak of the responsible DonkeyCat Gmbh: "BeamAir is perfect when it comes to sharing images and presentations in a simple and easy way. Without having to copy files, or reconnect cables, photos and PDF documents may be opened and scrolled through on the iPhone or iPad, and can be displayed live on any device."

After a session has been completed, receivers no longer have access to the data that was displayed; and no traces remain on the Internet.

BeamAir 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. The app comes with 500 credits. For each displayed photo/PDF slide one credit is being charged. Once all credits have been used up, 250, 1,000 or 2,000 credits may be obtained via in-app purchase.

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