Bebee the bee for iPad - Collect Nectar + Pollen in Bee Simulation Game

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Developer: Alexey Vlaskin
Price: free Download on the App Store

Indie developer Alexey Vlaskin today is pleased to introduce Bebee the bee 1.1.2 for iPad, his free game for kids where they help Bebee collect nectar and pollen from 8 different kinds of colorful flowers. Kids are free to fly freely through a field on the edge of the city, exploring and learning about plants and other insects. Players must fly around obstacles, pollinate flowers, avoid or fight wasps and other adversaries, and successfully complete each level. Featuring smooth gestures control, the view zooms in as Bebee flies downward and zooms out as she ascends, creating an immersive experience with changing scale and perspective.

Feature Highlights:
- Fly around the field of flowers exploring and learning
- Collect pollen and nectar from flowers
- Avoid touching thorns and insects
- Pollinate flowers to make them happy
- Protect the beehive from invasion by wasps
- 14 challenging levels with lots of fun (including bonus and special levels)
- 5 nasty enemies to protect yourself from
- 8 wonderful flowers to pollinate
- 5 cartoons to entertain and reward your efforts
- Try to complete each level with as much nectar and pollen as possible to earn bonus levels
- Supports gestures controls for kids and old school buttons for parents
- BeBee's ultimate goal is to find her family and to reunite with them
- All based on the real life adventures of bees

Bebee the bee is a delightful, challenging, non-violent game that takes place in the natural world, filled with the primordial sights and sounds of nature. Kids learn interactively about the interdependence of all living things and the dynamics of local ecosystems. Simultaneously, they develop hand/eye coordination, concentration, and problem solving skills. From level to level (including a joyous nighttime excursion inside BeBee's dream while asleep), players must meet new and realistic challenges before time runs out.

Set within a narrative story about family, survival, and discovery, Bebee the bee includes cartoon cutscenes with dialog that explains the action in the game. Players navigate with a joypad that accommodates every player, as it can be located on either the lower right or left of the screen. Action buttons appear when required on the opposite side of the screen, enabling the player to pollinate flowers, fly extra fast, or use bee venom against predators. Transparent balloons filled with pollen and/or nectar float off the top of the screen after Bebee alights on a flower. Players race to collect as much nectar and pollen as possible, requiring skillful flying to catch balloons as they float away.

"BeBee's adventures are based on the real life adventures of bees and can help your child learn the value of working towards a goal, sharpening their concentration and knowledge about the natural world," commented developer Alexey Vlaskin. "With 14 gorgeous levels, beautiful graphics and entertaining sound effects, BeBee will keep your child, and you, entertained."

Language Support:
English and Russian

Bebee the bee 1.1.2 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. The first 7 levels of Episode 1 are unlocked. Additional episodes can be unlocked for $1.99 (USD). The game can be unlocked for $4.99. Review copies are available on request.

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