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All My Gods HD
Developer: Realore, JSC
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Realore is pleased to announce the release of All my Gods for iPad. PC version of the game ranked in first place at such portals as GameHouse, Boonty and iWin, and in third place at Big Fish Games.

The story of All my Gods begins on the bank of the Tiber at the Capitoline Hill - the citadel of the earliest Romans. Even gods grow old. So does Saturn, one of the greatest gods of Rome. He decides to retire, and wants his son to take his place. The council of the gods respectfully accepts his will and welcomes an heir to take Saturn's place on one condition. He has to prove that he is worthy of their trust and divine powers he is about to receive. The future seems bright and glorious for the son of Saturn. But not all the great gods are willing to welcome newcomers at the Capitoline Hill. Mars - the god of war loses his temper every time he hears someone speak about the newbie. On top of that the protagonist falls in love with Mars's beloved Venus and Mars swears to never allow the youngling become a god.

The gameplay of All my Gods combines the elements of city building strategy and god-sim. Players get an opportunity to play as a soon-to-be-god on his tryouts. The mission is to make a tiny village grow into a great Empire. From the very beginning players get familiarized with two complementary strategies to reach that goal. The first is clever city management: the citizens of Rome need food, schools, temples, and theatres to be happy and prosperous. Universities allow players acquire access to technology and new structures that are essential to the civilization's growth. The second is using divine powers that the player gets by assisting the other Roman gods. In return for players' help Jupiter, Flora, Mercury and other Roman mythology characters provide them with resources, ancient artifacts and sometimes even the knowledge of new miracles. Some of those miracles help players gather resources faster; others protect citizens from attacks or give players an ability to shoot lightning from their hands. This arsenal of tricks and wonders must be cleverly used while completing quests that the NPCs give.

All my Gods is strategy/god-sim accessible to practically every player. Easy to grasp touch controls and mission based tutorial seamlessly introduce complex game mechanics. The graphics of the game is beautiful and detailed. Hundreds of buildings, characters, landscape elements and creatures are animated with great craft and humor. The storyline of the game is fun: divine intrigues, mysteries of the ancient gods, love-line and loads of jokes provide the player with context for his actions. The strategy is translated into 6 languages to make it accessible for players all around the world.

For the experienced gamers and completionists All my Gods provides an opportunity to unlock various achievements. Some of them give players extra powers; others make Romans erect wondrous structures and monuments in the player's name.

"All my Gods is fun, fresh, complex and deep but at the same time accessible. The game has something interesting to do for every kind of player no matter how hardcore or casual they are. Become a mighty Roman god with - All my Gods!"- said Natalia Matveeva, head of business development at Realore.

All my Gods (v.1.0) is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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