Beep Me Update Lets Forgetful iPhone Owners Set More Reminders


beep me - reminder appIndependent developer Yaniv Kalsky today is pleased to announce Beep Me 1.6.5 for iOS, an update to his Productivity app that allows users to schedule reminders in just two easy steps: jot down a short memo and set the beep time. The app features an innovative 3-way timer based on the Apple DatePicker or infinite odometer display, and touch control buttons advance the dials by one minute, an hour, a day, a week, or a month. Additional features include: an optional snooze button, local notifications (no need for an Internet connection), call reminders from Contacts, Dropbox & email, a special nagging mode to beep at set intervals, and recurring to-do's.

"Need to set a reminder? Beep Me lets you do so quickly and easily," stated indie developer Yaniv Kalsky. "Don't waste time using the Calendar to add an event or using the Clock to create a new alarm. With Beep Me it's just two simple steps: jot a short memo, and set the beep time. That's all!"

At launch in portrait orientation Beep Me displays a yellow Post-it note window at the top of the screen. Tap in the window and the virtual keyboard slides up from the bottom of the screen, allowing the user to write themselves a quick note of 160 characters or fewer. Even the type font, Arial Rounded Bold, lends a feeling of casual simplicity to the app. The message recorded, the user just needs to set the timer for when they want the beep to sound.

Below the text message window are three buttons that let the user choose the input format they prefer: Timer, Clock, or Calendar. The Timer has three rotating wheels that can be adjusted up or down independently. The Timer allows the user to dial in the number of days (0 - 90), hours (0 - 23), and minutes (0 - 59) that must elapse before they are beeped and shown the message they have just written. The Clock has four rotating wheels: Day of the Week/Month/Date, Hour (from 1 to 12), minute (from 0 to 59), and AM or PM. The Calendar displays three wheels: Month, Date, and Year.

For timing recipes or calling back in 10 minutes, most users will choose the Timer mode. For general scheduling, the Clock mode will be most convenient. And the Calendar mode will be useful for those who plan weeks, months, or years in advance. Directly above the DatePicker are six yellow buttons that automate the process of setting a time. The buttons read: Now, +1 Min., + 1 Hour, + 1 Day, + 1 Week, and + 1 Month. The user no longer needs to adjust the wheels themselves; they can increment any setting with one touch.

Beep Me Reminder Functions and Features

⇒ Set as many reminders as needed
⇒ Set reminders timer style: Remind me in 20 minutes
⇒ Set reminders clock style: Remind me at 2:30
⇒ Set the repeat interval: Day, Week, Month, and Year
⇒ When reminded either accept it or snooze it
⇒ Set phone call reminder by selecting a contact and calling them when reminded
⇒ Nagging mode allows users to set the number of times and interval to nag about a beep you until they open the app again
⇒ Badge on the app icon displays the number of active or missed reminders
⇒ Set the badge behavior
⇒ Share your beeps with others
⇒ Backup & Restore using SugarSync/Dropbox/Email
⇒ Copy a beep to the calendar to make it permanent
⇒ Select the beep sound (35 different sounds)
⇒ Uses local notifications, no need for Internet connection
⇒ Supports Retina Display
⇒ Select a wallpaper to customize Beep Me

A small Review button opens the full screen, scrollable list of all scheduled beeps. Each listing includes: the complete message; the day, date and time the beep was set; and the remaining time to the beep notification. All messages and beeps are editable, and the top tab bar can filter the list to display Future, Today, or All. The app includes eight different wallpapers and 35 different beep sounds. On hearing a beep and seeing the displayed message the user can choose OK or Reschedule (Manual or Automatic with Snooze button that resets the notification to a set interval).

There is also a free version of Beep Me, which contains all the features of the paid version, but is limited to five reminders. Language Support: US English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

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