Big Fat Movie Quiz 1.1 released for iOS - 50 New Sound Play Questions

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Big Fat Movie Quiz
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Independent developer, Craig Smart today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Big Fat Movie Quiz 1.1, his brand new update to his movie quiz app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update inclueds 50 now sound play question. Making big fat movie quiz 1.1 the biggest free movie quiz app out there.

Think you know your films? Think again! Big Fat Movie Quiz (BFMQ) comes in 5 parts, to stop you getting bored of the same kind of questions. Amazing question drawings and sound play are just some of the kind of question you will be asked. And if you need help, there is also a link to IMDb to help every time you get a question wrong. With the update there is now a brand new quiz with 50 sound play questions. Plus the old quiz is still on there. So have hours of fun with your friends and try and beat Big fat movie quiz 1.1.

If you, somehow, manage to conquer the quiz, you will receive a winners code which will allow you to send us your very own question for Big Fat Movie Quiz Pro (The biggest iPhone movie quiz ever) that we are developing in time for christmas. We only want true movie experts to write the questions for Big Fat Movie Quiz Pro. So, come on, lets play.

BFMQ isn't a "lite" game quiz, It is a full version and will play as a teaser to BFMQ Pro. So download, play and send us your feedback so we can make BFMQ Pro the best and biggest quiz app ever. This is the place to be if you know your films. Lets do this togather and make Big Fat Movie Quiz Pro the bomb.

Big Fat Movie Quiz 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

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  • craig smart

    an amazing quiz, so much fun and also very challeging. 5 stars easy theres no other quiz like it