Big Future Media Releases Ask Brittany App For Its Mostly Teen Audience

Ask Brittany Talking Character App (AppStore Link)
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Ask Brittany Talking Character App
Developer: Epic Game Ads, LLC
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Big Future Media has added a new character, Ask Brittany, the latest character in the app series. "Brittany is the stereotypical homecoming queen/cheerleader character. We have noticed that with Ask Grandma, over half of our downloads are coming from teens. So, we are excited to introduce a character that we believe will really appeal to that age range in Ask Brittany. We are already back at the drawing board coming up with several other characters." said Adam McArthur, co-founder of Big Future Media.

All the characters in the app series have 25 pre-loaded answers each. Ask Brittany is one of 5 universal iOS character apps Big Future Media has released so far. Other characters include:

* Ask Grandma
* Ask Confucius
* Ask Obama
* Ask Bush

"It is great when you start to really see who your target audience is. We had an idea of who they would be, but the response was staggering. So, with the launch of Ask Brittany, we are also polling that target age range seeing who they would like to see as characters. We are getting everything from the typical Justin Bieber types to the bearded men of Duck Dynasty. We are in an exciting time with our apps," said Chris Cotty, another founder of Big Future Media.

* Unique character artwork
* Professional voices and impersonations
* Individually written and recorded responses
* Ability to share questions and answers on Facebook and Twitter

The Talking Character Series (Ask Grandma Talking Character App, Ask Brittany Talking Character App, Ask Confucius Talking Character App, Ask Bush Talking Character App and Ask Obama Talking Character App) are now all free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the entertainment category.

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