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Flip the Cats
Developer: Kwalee Ltd
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With it's new update Pussy Flip is soon to be released as Flip the Cats, which will work better in global markets and better describes what the game is about. Some of the changes and improvements to the game came from conversations with the world's best reversi rules players. Several of these elite players are now regulars of the Kwalee game. Here is just some of what is new:

* 47 different achievement badges which can be synched with Game Center and shared on Facebook. These add a lot to the whole gaming experience as players can display their successes. These include Kwalee Killer: Beat a member of Kwalee staff, Top Cat: Become #1 World Ranked on the leader boards and Cat Corner King: Occupy all 4 corners of the board in a single game.

* Cats Eyes mode. This shows an opponent's potential next moves when a player tests out their possible moves, making it easier to think ahead and to develop strategies.

* Pro Board. For expert players this is more like playing the original reversi board game with player assistance removed.

* Full localisation of the game to 14 of the world's languages. To further enhance the international success of this game.

* Greatly enhanced social features with better leaderboards featuring a points system and detailed opponent information, including their badges and achievements. Now it is possible to see all of a potential opponent's stats and badges before issuing challenges.

There are many more enhancements that will be seen when Flip the Cats is played.

David Darling, Kwalee CEO and Codemasters co-founder, is delighted: "I love this game and play it every day. I'm currently ranked #3 in the world if you want to challenge me."

This is proven to be one of the world's great strategy game mechanics, basic play can be learned literally in a minute using the Kwalee video, yet the strategy is infinite and as complex as you want. Hence the enduring success of the original board game version of reversi. Flip the Cats continues to pit human being against other human beings with the game's extensive social features finding suitable opponents to play against. With the ability to have games against multiple opponents simultaneously from all around the globe, each playing in their own language, Flip the Cats does far more than the original physical board game could possibly achieve.

With this new version Kwalee are confident that Flip the Cats is a rewarding iteration of reversi on iOS.

Pussy Flip 1.1 (soon to be Flip the Cats) is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Note to editor: if you would like a promo code to play Flip The Cats prior to release then please contact us using the details below.

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