Big Pixel Studios Release New iOS Game: Bottle Cap Blitz

Bottle Cap Blitz (AppStore Link)
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Bottle Cap Blitz
Developer: Big Pixel Studios
Price: free Download on the App Store

Leading independent games developer, Big Pixel Studios today is proud to announce that their latest iOS title, Bottle Cap Blitz, is now available to download on the App Store. Set around a beach bar on a beautiful tropical island, where an easy-going barman loves to show off his impressive bottle cap flicking skills. Players take control of the barman, and over a period of sixty seconds must smash as many ice cubes as possible by flicking bottle caps at them! Designed with a simple tap-to-shoot interface, a single tap on the screen will flick a bottle cap in that direction.

As players progress through the game and reach higher levels, they can unlock a wealth of new features and content including combos, combo chains, game boosts, and an array of extraordinary frozen fruit power-ups! Smashing the watermelon slows down time for a short period, hitting the cherry sets off an explosive bomb, bursting the strawberry activates rapid fire mode, and many many more!

At the end of a game a collection of bonuses are awarded based on the players overall performance, and their score can then be entered into the weekly tournament leaderboards on Game Center.

"Bottle Cap Blitz is designed to be extremely easy to play, but with a lot of depth hidden beneath the surface," said Paul Virapen, Big Pixel Studios Managing Director. "With simple one-handed touch controls and short play sessions, players can come back whenever they have a spare moment to try and beat their own or their friends' high scores."

Bottle Cap Blitz 1.0 is currently only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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