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Bingo Jungle!
Developer: Sigma Game Limited
Price: free Download on the App Store

Sigma Game today is pleased to introduces Bingo Jungle! 1.1 for iOS, their new, free Game that combines Bingo and Roulette to create a single-player, gambling adventure. The game's dazzling graphics and animation combine the art and artifacts of the Aztecs with the spectacular casino signage of modern Las Vegas. Players bet on making three, four, or five block horizontal, vertical, or diagonal bingos on a 5x5 board. Numbers are selected at random on a spinning Roulette wheel, players can move blocks that are lit up, and they can choose from 28 Skills or side bets.

"You will not find any casino game in the App Store with the action and effects of Bingo Jungle!" stated Derrick Edwards for Sigma Games. "With 28 Skills, every round is different, and you'll discover built-in surprises that enhance gameplay even more!"

Gameplay consists of opening bets followed by two rounds of play. During the betting phase of Bingo Jungle!, players choose any number of Medals to bet on the outcome of a Bingo game. Payoffs vary depending on whether the Bingo includes three, four, or five numbers, and larger bets may increase the odds, producing higher payoffs. In addition to the primary bet on whether the player will successfully achieve a Bingo, the game offers 28 Skills or side bets. Players may use up to three Skills, which are paid for in Stars, to increase their payoff. Skills can improve the odds for achieving a Bingo, improve the payoff from a Bingo, or alter the playing board.

With his or her bet made and all Skills selected, the player touches the Start button that releases three balls into a spinning, 3D Roulette wheel. The graphics and animation of the Roulette wheel are truly dazzling, and as each ball comes to rest, that number lights up the corresponding number block on the Bingo board. Before the end of the first round, the player may move eligible, lit blocks one square in any direction, with the goal of improving the odds of achieving a Bingo. After 10 seconds, the board is locked and no further movement of blocks is possible. The second and final round begins when another two balls are released into the spinning Roulette wheel. Animated neon lights indicate which empty numbers will produce a Bingo win (Medals) or a Skill win (Stars). There are plenty of lights, sounds, and high-speed animations to enjoy until the two balls finally fall into a slot of the wheel. Payoffs are made, and Bonus and Jackpot rounds may be activated.

Bingo Jungle! Feature Highlights:

  • Unique Bingo gameplay and Game Center support
  • Full support on Retina Display and stunning 3D graphics effects
  • Exciting game play with 28 skills to choose from

Bingo Jungle! Gameplay Video

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