BirdBeat Birder's iField Notebook Makes Field Notes Easy and Fun


BirdBeat Birder's iField Notebook — a revolutionary portable field observation & ID tool — lets users quickly & accurately capture key visual information and field data about a bird to make a positive species identification.

BirdBeat - Birder's iField Notebook: Songbird Edition (AppStore Link)
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BirdBeat - Birder's iField Notebook: Songbird Edition
Developer: Heather KiNCH Studio, LLC
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

World-renowned birding experts agree that the best way to learn about birds and become a better birder is by using the eyes, sketching what they see, and taking great field notes.

BirdBeat helps users do that swiftly and with ease - whether or not they can draw. They can simply record and save color & pattern markings and other field data on a BirdBeat preformatted bird topography template — then go back to birding!

Later, users can match their iField Sketches to their digital or hard copy field guide of choice, and share them with friends to help them ID their sightings.

BirdBeat Features Include:

⇒ Preformatted bird templates to record color, pattern markings and field data about user sightings of 300 North American Songbirds
⇒ Ability to access built-in GPS of user's iOS devices to capture location of sightings
⇒ Check box selections of environmental and behavioral information to capture critical field data FAST, and a memo pad to jot user notes for everything else
⇒ Quick Check checklist of key pattern markings to trigger memory for updating or finishing iField Sketches later
⇒ Sharing of iField Sketches by uploading to Facebook and emailing them to friends

What People Are Saying About BirdBeat:

"I was surprised by how easy it really was when I did my first bird. Very well done." ~ Brian H. (Gainesville, VA

"This is the most unique app I've ever seen. It's going to be huge!" ~ Jose B. (Vista, CA

"It's fun! I got so caught up in the coloring of one of my life birds (Rock Wren)." ~ Maueve H. (Gainesville, VA)

"I can totally see this being used in the schools as a fun way to teach kids about birds. The kids will be all over it." ~ Luanne S. (Encinitas, CA)

"I'm not even a birder but after using BirdBeat, I find myself paying more attention to the birds around my home and wanting to paint them with my app." ~ Colleen K. (San Diego, CA)

"This is sooooo cool!" ~ Markus W. (Alameda, CA)

BirdBeat is a field sketching/data collection application that allows anyone, artist or not, to capture critical bird color and patterning details using one of a series of preformatted templates. The user can auto fill template areas with color and/or add detail using three different, template-independent brushes. The user can also capture key behavioral and environmental information via slide menus and check boxes. The iField Sketch and all the checked data is collected and saved into an on-board iField Notebook(TM). Users can share their iField Sketches via email, send them to Facebook, and upload them to BirdBeat's Fan Page.

Fast, easy and fun, BirdBeat Birder's iField Notebook - Songbird Edition is available in the iTunes App Store now.

BirdBeat Birder's iField Notebook - Songbird Edition is the first in an upcoming series of apps that will allow you to create iField Sketches and record field data for all North American Birds. Future BirdBeat releases include Backyard Birds, Waterfowl, Birds of Prey, Shorebirds/Marsh Birds, Wading Birds, Seabirds, Game Birds, and a Premium North American Birds Edition that will include a predictive search database.

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