Birds to the Rescue for iOS - Top Action Game Gets Major Update

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Birds to the Rescue
Developer: Tenlin Studios, LLC
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Tenlin Studios today is pleased to announce Birds to the Rescue 1.3 for iOS, a significant update to their popular action game that is fun for the whole family. Willy the bird lost Mama's eggs, now he needs your help to bring them back home. Willy will need to eat a specific number of seeds in order to pass each level, with each getting progressively more difficult than the last. Obstacles are introduced as the game is played, keeping players challenged and wanting more. Birds to the Rescue's unique one-touch game play allows it to reach a wide audience of players.

For first-time players, an in-game tutorial walks the player through the simple game mechanic of touching the screen to open Willy's beak to eat the good seeds, giving him the stamina he needs to bring all the eggs back to Mama. Birds to the Rescue offers an easy-to-learn game play, fun sounds, and a fast-action running style which caters to kids and hard core gamers alike.

Birds to the Rescue 1.3 includes a new obstacle: the chili pepper. The player should avoid eating the chili peppers, letting them bounce off of Willy's beak. Eating a chili pepper will cause the Willy to run faster, making it more difficult to eat the good seeds needed to pass each level. Another new feature is the introduction of a powerful super seed. The player will want to gobble up the colorful super seed as it will make them invulnerable to all obstacles that may penalize them or take away good seeds that Willy has already eaten. Also, each of the 6 bird characters has their own unique abilities. One bird may have less gum & moldy seeds, but more chili peppers. Another bird may run slower but require a higher seed quota. These unique abilities will keep players on their toes as they navigate through the game with each of the six birds.

Birds to the Rescue has a lot of replay value with the ability to increase your score on each level. 5 unlockable playable birds add another level of replay to players that want to challenge themselves to play the game with different abilities. 2 modes of game play are available: Normal and Expert mode, which is unlocked after the player completes the Normal difficulty.

Feature Highlights:
- Easy 1-Touch game play
- 60 Total game levels to complete
- 2 Game difficulties (Normal mode and unlockable Expert mode)
- 5 Unlockable playable birds, each with different abilities
- Unique obstacles keep players on their toes
- Save up to 4 different players on 1 device
- Randomly generated levels for ultimate replay value

"We've heard from our fans and we are listening. The features we've included in this update show our dedication to making Birds to the Rescue the best game possible," commented Tenlin Studios Jennifer McCabe. "We are confident that everyone will love all of the updated features and will continue to keep coming back for more."

Birds to the Rescue 1.3 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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