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BlueCam Free for iPad
Developer: Mother Tucker LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Austin, Texas - Mother Tucker, LLC has announced BlueCam Free for iPad 1.0, a new camera app for iPads. Designed originally for iPads, BlueCam Free for iPad gives users an alternative to the built-in Camera app which has remote control ability, 9x-153x zoom for photos & videos, photo & video timers, photo & video filters, auto and manual uploading to Facebook/Twitter/Flickr and many other features. The most significant features are allowing a remote control user to: view a live camera preview; voice chat; and view a Google map with a video map pin.

Camera Features:
- Pinch Zoom Preview to zoom
- Tap Preview to Take a Photo
- Double Tap Preview to Start/Stop Recording
- Press 1 Finger on Preview to set Auto Focus
- Press 2 Fingers on Preview to set Exposure
- 9X to 153X zoom depending on your selected Preset
- Zoom while recording videos
- Live preview on remote while recording videos
- iOS5 accelerated zoomed image capture (unfiltered photos only)
- EXIF in all still images
- Resolution/Flash/Torch/Focus/Exposure/WhiteBalance Controls
- Burst Mode - Take 2-4 burst shots with a tap
- Photo Timers
- Video Timers
- 'About to Shoot' audio alerts for both Photo/Video Timers
- Burst Photo Timers - Take unlimited burst shots by creating a Timer with a "Delay" of 0 seconds
- Anti-Shake - Use your Accelerometer to take photos only when there is no shaking detected
- Auto Upload your Videos & Photos to Flickr, Facebook or Twitter in the background
- Auto Save - Keep recording & shooting while photos are saved in the background
- Background Uploading
- Geotag Flickr Videos & Photos
- Reticles [Scope, Rectangle, Rule Of Thirds] with color choice of [Black, White, Red and Green]
- Button Colors [Black, White, Red and Green]
- JPEG Quality Control - Allows compression of photos for faster uploading
- Twitter Client
- Facebook Client
- In-App Mail

"PRO pack" In-App Purchase:
- Live Filters for recording video and capturing still images (Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Black&White, Sepia, Vignette, Cartoon, Gamma, Unsharpen, Gaussian Blur, Emboss, Smooth Toon, Sobel Edge detection, Canny Edge detection, Prewitt Edge Detection, Harris Corner Detection, Crosshatch, Swirl, Buldge, Pinch, Stretch...)
- Removes Adds

Remote-to-Camera Features:
- Voice Chat
- View a Camera's Live Camera Preview
- View a Map with a Video Pin of the Camera user
- Tap the "Remote" preview and the "Camera" will snap a shot and send you the photo
- Double Tap the "Remote" preview and the "Camera" will Start/Stop recording
- Adjust a Cameras's zoom level
- Create Timers on a Camera

Remote-to-Remote Features:
- Voice Chat
- View a Map of other users location
- Tap the "Remote" preview to transfer Videos & Photos

App Camera Roll Features (Remote and Camera):
- Multiple Selection Support
- Trim Videos
- Playback Videos
- Aviary photo editing/filter library
- Upload, Mail and Save multiple Videos & Photos at once
- Reorder Videos & Photos
- Edit upload locations with a Google map
- Add Videos & Photos from your device's camera roll
- Swipe through full screen view of Videos & Photos

BlueCam Free for iPad is available for free worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

via PR Mac

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