Boldomatic Gives Voice and Colour to the Silent Majority

Boldomatic - Quotes, Sayings, and Everything Text (AppStore Link)
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Boldomatic - Quotes, Sayings, and Everything Text
Developer: Nerves GmbH
Price: free Download on the App Store

Nerves just released version 1.2 of its free iOS App Boldomatic. New features include hashtags and location stamps. With over 150,000 crafted text-images, users now have the chance to browse the globe for boldcards - Boldomatic post cards dropped by writers from over 160 countries.

"Twitter offers possible litigation. Facebook offers possible judgement. Boldomatic offers endless fun with other sick minded philosophers who enjoy the freedom and exploration of thought," as one writer describes it.

Italics, underlining, and all-caps never have the full effect of emphasis... Boldomatic allows you to command attention to whatever message you want to convey in a simple, customisable, bold way. Stripped of all the unnecessary flashiness, Boldomatic follows its Swiss design roots.

TechCrunch says: "Why not Boldomatic? ... Clearly the lads are having fun."

"Go where no other social media has gone before: a bold frontier," as another Boldomatic writer puts it. There is no fine print. "If Twitter was on Viagra, it would be Boldomatic!"

Boldomatic 1.2 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Social Networking category. It is also available in a web version.

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