Bouncy Ball Celebrates Mobile Game Addiction with 13 Million Downloads

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Bouncy Ball Free
Developer: YONG OK PARK
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Raon Games is proud to announce their 13 millionth download for Bouncy Ball, available for iOS and Android smartphones. The game combines puzzle elements and a brick-breaker theme to mesmerize mobile gamers.

Bouncy Ball is an exciting launch for Raon for a number of reasons. While the game is designed with simplicity in mind, there is an intriguing amount of complexity behind its deceptively simple interface. The game's controls couldn't be easier: Players tap each side of the lower part of the screen to move a perpetually bouncing 2 dimensional ball left or right. In order to clear each stage, the ball must be steered into each of the stage's stars to consume them. As players progress, they will encounter a number of boosts, pitfalls, obstacles and puzzling challenges to overcome in order to clear the stage.

The exceptional gameplay is Bouncy Ball's biggest draw, but hardly the only one. Included in the launch are two modes of play (Classic and Social). In Classic mode, gamers have access to over 20 worlds consisting of over 800 stages. Continual updates and expansions are planned as well. In Social mode, players compete against other gamers from around the world by attaching their Google Plus account. And as if these two options didn't provide infinite hours of playtime, Raon Games has offered even more: Bouncy Ball includes a sandbox mode where users can build their own stages to play themselves, and to upload and share.

Raon games is excited to offer Bouncy Ball in the Google Play store and the iTunes App Store for free. Bouncy Ball is available now, and with its hours of quality game play, endless replay potential, and social aspects, it promises to be one of the most exciting mobile games of the year.

* Over 20 worlds and 800 stages

* Online map store: Create and share Bouncy Ball stages and browse and download stages created by other users - Choose stages based on their complexity, creativity, or straight up challenge! Users have uploaded more than 1 million maps

* Choose from two different modes of play - Classic and Social. In Social play, compete against Bouncy Ball players around the world by connecting with a Google Plus account

* Continuous updates and expansions mean Players will never run out of Bouncy Ball. Bouncy Ball offers more playable hours and replay potential than nearly any other game in the app store

Bouncy Ball 1.1.0 is available at no cost and available worldwide through the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Market in the Games category.

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