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Brain Battle Show DeLuxe (AppStore Link)
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Brain Battle Show DeLuxe
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Tiktak Games today is pleased to announce their new game Brain Battle Show Deluxe for iOS, the TV Show game raising eyebrows in the App Store. Brain Battle Show Deluxe aims to be the best TV Show Game on iPhone and iPad, where you can play against 3 of your friends or unknown people of the world.

In Brain Battle Show Deluxe, you can compete against the computer or against your friends in 30 intelligence games of the 4 different categories of intelligence: Maths, Perception, Memory and Logic. This game offers 3 levels (easy, medium and hard) in each one of the 30 games. There are more than 30 available games in the TV program:

Calculus Games:
- Substracting Hours
- Removing Blocks
- How Many Are There
- Adding Infinities
- Counting Coins
- Operations
- Permutations
- Hours Difference

Perception Games:
- Putting Balls in Order
- Moles
- See Are There Any More
- Thimbleriggers
- The Repeated One
- Filtering
- Same or Different
- Seeking Moles

Memory Games:
- Grid
- Black Hole
- The Noticed Character
- Which One Doesnt Sound
- Pairs
- Who Has Gone Past
- Color Screen
- Simon

Logic Games:
- Logic Scales
- Counting Blocks
- Complex Shapes
- Logic Series
- Color Filling
- Reverse Dices

Brain Battle Show Deluxe 1.0 have the price of $1.99 (USD) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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