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Sonic Loops pro
Developer: karim benaddi
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Looping is one of the most popular ideas in modern pop music, but in the pop context, it generally indicates the use of loops made from prerecorded material, i.e. somebody's album, movie, or speech. Live looping is a new way to create music which can be used with any style and instrument. The musician creates his/her own background by recording bits of his playing during the music and has them looping as long as he needs them or repeating whenever he calls them back in real-time, using either hardware (magnetic tape, dedicated hardware devices) or software.

Remember the Live on stage Dance music shows of 80's with techno trance or ambient music? Now you can do it all with the power of your iOS device. Be a DJ for your next party with Sonic Loops. With just one or two musicians you can create the sound of a whole orchestra all live. As opposed to a real orchestra or pre-recorded / programmed music, you can follow the way it is created, because all you hear is once the only thing that is played in front of you, all the rest is just the repetition of it.

Sonic Loops is an awesome for anyone who loves music, whether you are a musician or music is just your hobby for entertainment. Sonic Loops opens the unlimited possibilities of fresh and unique music created by you on your very own iPhone.

The app includes 8 different banks and each of them having 8 individual tracks giving a total of 64 amazing loops, which can also be locked to help you perform extra operations like increasing/decreasing the speed of playback with your limited number fingers. You just need to get started with the right samples and the right time, and that's not hard enough to learn if you are a music lover. The samples are well cut and easy to start and stop with single touch while playing them. I have enjoyed creating some music of my own with this wonderful app.

Sonic loops pro 1.85 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

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