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Back to Nature with Australian Nature Sounds (AppStore Link)
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Back to Nature with Australian Nature Sounds
Developer: Eric Fassbender
Price: free Download on the App Store

Australian Nature Sounds(C) has announced its launch of of Back to Nature with Australian Nature Sounds, a recording of authentic sounds of the Australian rainforests, deserts, beaches and the birds and animals of Australia on iTunes. This 67 minutes recording has been made available on iTunes for free download to help listeners relax and reduce their anxiety levels whenever they need to.

This recording is the results of Dr. Eric Fassbender who has been conducting studies on the effects of music and nature sounds on the body. Fassbender's results confirm what a lot of neuroscientists have long ago established: that spending time in nature can improve and heighten the senses, and reduce fatigue and stress. This is not a foreign philosophy or concept; it goes back centuries when natural healers and shamans used nature sounds to enhance healing. The sounds of ocean waves, the chirping of birds or rain falling in a forest can help reduce stress and consequently bring about other health benefits like lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of cardiac arrests and strokes.

The relevance of Nature Sounds in today's world is still regarded as an aid that works much better than anything to calm your nerves and quieten the noises from the outside world that will try to encroach into a quiet mind. The natural sounds of the Back to Nature with Australian Nature Sounds are not merely magically captivating but physiotherapists and other therapists, meditation and yoga instructors find that using these recordings can enhance the effects of body therapies and anti-stress techniques. With this new offering by Apple iTunes, anyone who has an active iTunes account can have the quality recordings downloaded on an iPad, iPhone and any Apple computer that runs an iOS 4.0 operating system.

Categorized as a lifestyle app on Apples's iTunes, Back to Nature with Australian Nature Sounds recordings by Eric Fassbender is another field recording album that utilizes the sounds of nature as an aid to relax and distress. Although this particular recording has been available for download since September 2012, it is only now that iTunes users have access to them. There is more than one way to get the recording. If 112 MB is too much space then you have the option of recording the shorter 1:30 minute sample which you can play continuously in a loop. Making it into iTunes means that Fassbender's work is useful to some people after all. It would be expected that a certain price be attached to this album or recordings and on the anchor site itself there are albums that have price attached, being on iTunes and being free means that the people at iTunes recognize how special these recordings are and how beneficial they are to the human psyche.

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