Bugzaliens - First Invasion version 1.0.1 Available Now on App Store

Bugzaliens - First invasion (AppStore Link)
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Bugzaliens - First invasion
Developer: Parudi OOD
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Parudi, the creators of popular game Toys Bounce! announce the release of Bugzaliens - First Invasion, a new and exciting arcade/action game. The game features an original multi-touch laser weapon mechanism which makes the experience highly addictive and unique.

Game Story:
Year 2025. Everyone on planet Earth is enjoying a wonderful peaceful life unaware of the danger closing in. The threat comes from a galaxy far far away called Omida. Bugzaliens a nomad race of alien warriors are heading towards our planet. Using advanced genetics technology, Bugzaliens mixed their DNA with DNA from Earth's insects in order to create the perfect disguise.

Our planet is in great danger!

The most brilliant scientists from Earth's United Army developed a weapon which can fire a laser-guided beam at any moving target. The technology, rugged enough to survive in harsh battle conditions is the best weapon in the battle with the Bugzaliens. Your mission is to stop the Bugzaliens invasion. Try not to harm our friendly insects as they are here to help. To win the fight collect and use special items - including Slow Motion, Anti-Laser Shields, Bombs and a little surprise item from the Ice Age.

You will never get tired of laser zapping the alien enemies!

Feature Highlights:
- Innovative weapon mechanism
- Mysterious alien characters
- Special Items
- Innovative multi-touch laser weapon
- Highly addictive gameplay
- Awesome combos
- Retina display graphics

Combining intriguing original mechanism, catchy gameplay, and great graphics, Bugzaliens is one of the most original and fun games on the App Store.

Bugzaliens - First invasion 1.0.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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