Button Board iPad Game Makes Learning Colours Fun for Preschoolers

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Button Board
Developer: Mediakitchen Limited
Price: free Download on the App Store

Game development studio, Mediakitchen today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Button Board 1.0, a new iPad game aimed at kids as young as one year old. An important developmental skill for preschoolers is the ability to identify and name colours. Button Board is a fun and educational game that introduces colours through creative play.

Button Board offers the child a selection of bright and colourful pictures and a tray of coloured buttons. Each picture has a number of holes that the child must fill using a matching coloured button. Feedback on the child's attempts at matching the colours is provided via sound effects as well as the use of fun smiley faces and frowns on the buttons. There is an option to hear the name of the colour when the child clicks a button. There is also a Free Play mode that allows the child to just design their own creations using 8 different coloured buttons.

The game includes a child locked options screen that allows the parent to create a personal learning experience for their child. This includes the ability to enable or disable in-app purchases. It also includes the ability to enable or disable judging the child's attempts at matching the colours therefore enabling a more creative mode of play.

Button Board comes with a library of pictures which can be expanded via in-app purchase functionality. This game offers hours of creative entertainment for children and there is no danger of a child swallowing any buttons.

Key Educational Benefits:
- Matching and recognising colours
- Developing hand-eye coordination
- Developing fine motor skills
- Encouraging creativity and pattern making
- Improve concentration

Customisation Options:
- Music
- Sound effects
- Voice over
- Ability to save pictures to iPad photo album
- Assessment mode
- In-app purchases

Game supports both landscape and portrait orientations.

Button Board 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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