Call Bliss Improves iPhone's Do Not Disturb Feature With Groups

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Call Bliss
Developer: nVariance, LLC.
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nVariance today is thrilled to announce the release of Call Bliss 1.0, a simple-yet-powerful app that enhances iOS 6.0's new "Do Not Disturb" feature by making it easier for iPhone users to manage who can call them while Do Not Disturb is activated. Wherever you go, Call Bliss automatically ensures callers you want to talk to can reach you - and those you don't, can't.

"Do Not Disturb" was one of iOS 6's most well-received additions. It silences all incoming calls unless the caller is on its "Allowed Callers" list, but doesn't make it easy to customize or modify that list for different activities and locations. 

Call Bliss makes it simple to create groups of allowed callers and activate them with a tap when you want their calls - or deactivate them when you don't. Even better, it can control which callers can reach you in specific locations, such as home, work, while on the road, or at the golf course. Call Bliss will also automatically update your Allowed Callers list when entering new places, so you don't have to lift a finger to be sure the right people can always call you.

Call Bliss is also extremely customizable. Your most important callers, such as a spouse or significant other, children, parents, best friends, and even business partners can be added to Call Bliss' "Always Allowed" list to ensure they can always reach you.

For times when you want to be left alone, Call Bliss provides a "Blackout Mode" that silences all calls. During times when you want to be sure you can be reached by friends, family and co-workers, its "Open Door Mode" lets calls ring through from anyone in your address book, while still eliminating the annoyance of unknown callers.

Call Bliss makes Do Not Disturb more useful and versatile, and your days more productive and enjoyable. Call Bliss users gain peace of mind knowing they won't miss important calls, while no longer being bothered by unwanted callers.

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