Caricature Maker Pro Price Drop! Use Your Favorite Photos to Create Cartoon Portraits for Free

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Caricature Maker Pro
Developer: Mcookie Inc
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Caricature Maker Pro, a recently launched app for iOS which allows users to create caricatures using a photo as the starting point, is now free for a limited time only.

Caricature Maker Pro gives users the opportunity to create caricatures of themselves and others, by using the app's unique features to alter a photo from their iPhone, iPod, or iPad gallery. Users may also choose to take a photo within the application itself. One of its fans' favorite features is the ability to apply Caricature Maker Pro's one of a kind character creation tools to photos featuring two people - allowing the creation of couples' caricatures.

The combination of automation and the creative insight of its users makes Caricature Maker Pro unlike any other app in the genre. This clever fusion of technology and human creativity get results, and those results have earned the fledgling app its enthusiastic fan base.

That fan base is destined to grow due to the current sale. Caricature Maker Pro typically retails for $1.99, which is a low price for such a full-featured app. The current discount allows new users to take advantage of everything Caricature Maker Pro has to offer:

  • Use a photo you've saved in your device's photo album, or take a photo from within the application
  • Simple touch screen controls tweak the placement of added features over the photo
  • Extensive customization options ensure your caricature captures the subject - exaggerate, downplay, and enhance individual features to your heart's content
  • Once you're satisfied with your creation, use it however you'd like! Save it as an image in your album, or spread the love by sharing with Facebook and Twitter through the app's integrated sharing options! You can also email your caricature from within the app
  • Standard accessories and options are available by default, but check out the shop to really bring your caricature to life with an ever-growing inventory of items

For a limited time only, Caricature Maker Pro 1.2 is now free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

via PR Mac

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