CaseInity Launches "Cord-On-Board" and Revolutionizes the iPhone Accessory Market


Cord-On-Board for iPhoneConsumer electronics accessory company CaseInity has announced the release of Cord-On-Board, an iPhone case that compactly carries a USB cord alongside your phone. When entrepreneurs Lucky Rajeswaran, Nate Trunfio and Cuan-Chai Megghross co-founded CaseInity, they had every intention of bringing a game changer to the highly competitive iPhone case marketplace. Unlike the competition, however, CaseInity holds an Ace in a crowded field: carrying your cord on board your case.

Cord-On-Board addresses key areas of iPhone consumer demand through its patent-pending design. Everyone knows that limited battery life compromises utility. With the ability to charge the iPhone on-demand through a USB port, Cord-On-Board provides infinite charging accessibility. The USB cord also allows for easier interfacing between devices. Transferring data on the iPhone to a computer becomes a very simple process with the USB, making the iPhone an even more effective tool for file storage.

Cord-On-Board adheres to the principle of preserving usability: the case is slim, contoured to your grip, shockproof and self-standing. "We designed the case to be as slim as possible, because we hate bulky cases too," said Trunfio. "Our goal is to bring a whole new level of functionality to the cell phone accessory market. We aim to cure frustrations and inconveniences that come along with today's daily technology use."

That extends to frustrations about price as well. "We want our products to be cost effective and affordable," reasoned CEO Rajeswaran. "Being young, we know how painful it is to overpay for a product."  Cord-On-Board lists for $29.99, which includes the case, a custom sized cord and a screen protector.  Pre-order with free shipping and handling for $25 on The Cord-On-Board Case by CaseInity, for the iPhone 4/4s.

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