Catch Up on Superbowl Gossip Through the Footballers Who Make It

This app is not currently available in the App Store.
Follow your football favorites on social media with ReSporter

ReSporter: Football shows social media messages from top American football players in real time.

Head First, iOS developer and creator of the popular Super Twario, is pleased to release ReSporter: Football, an iPhone app with real time access to the social media accounts of the top athletes in American Football — without having to sign up for or search through social media sites.

Did you know that 11 new accounts are created on Twitter every second? No wonder new users find themselves lost in the maze of who to follow; it's a struggle to know who is genuine and connect with people of similar interests. Even power users, who use specialized programs to filter or sort the stream of data, often feel the need to cut out the chatter so they can focus.

ReSporter: Football is the simplest way for football fans to filter out the nonsense and find the most interesting information. The app shows users what American football players are saying right now on social media; it's perfect for events like the Super Bowl.

Choose between viewing your favorite team or all teams, view on a map or keep track of the direct conversations through the special threaded conversation function. Share the conversations you love on Twitter / Facebook or Email or build careers by nominating the people saying the things that make the most sense and turn them into the ReSporters other users will follow for the best, most relevant news. And every true fan will want to customise the look and feel of ReSporter: Football by picking the free theme you like most or downloading your Team Theme through an in-app purchase.

However, turn the app on at game time and it's something else entirely! ReSporter: Football works in real time to show relevant conversations. It's pure football all the way. Perfect for any football fan wanting to keep in touch through the most exciting commentary mechanism there is. And every user can use this time to nominate the ReSporters they enjoy, and create the football commentators of the future.

Carl Pugh, Director comments, “Now people don't need to be hooked into social media to enjoy the latest talk from the people who make it.” He adds, “Even hardened social media users can use ReSporter: Football to focus on the sport and the people who play it.”

ReSporter Football Features:

  • Follow your football heroes, get the news from the people who make it and view conversations on the ReSporter Map.
  • Get the buzz as it happens in live search and share conversations through Twitter, Facebook or Email.
  • No sign up required!
This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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