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Developer: Neicom Technology Pty. Ltd.
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iPhone users who want to enjoyably connect with their friends around the corner or across the world, easily remember events and milestones, and stay organized about everything from catching a flight to paying the bills, can now download the innovative new app CentralPoke.

“CentralPoke has been designed to be much more than an ordinary service reminder app,” commented Jason Tancev of Neicom Technology. “It's a robust social sharing tool that connects friends no matter where they are in the world, and makes it fun and easy to stay connected and organized. It's the kind of app that has people saying ‘wow, what a great idea, I'll be telling all of my friends about this and we'll be using this a lot!' Quite frankly, that's the most inspiring feedback we can imagine, because the more people who use and enjoy CentralPoke, the better!”

Created by Neicom Technology, CentralPoke is powerful, versatile and yet extremely easy to use social and personal organizer. In just a few seconds, users can access a variety of “Poke Tools” and:

  • Remind their friends about anything and everything, such as upcoming events, milestones, social gatherings and more
  • Join their friends in setting up recurring reminders for routine activities, such as trips to the gym, study sessions, and more
  • Keep track of ordinary yet important tasks, such as paying bills, submitting school assignments, meeting deadlines at work, and more – plus, these tasks lists can be kept private, or shared with friends so that everyone can manage and update them
  • Send “Instant Pokes” to one or many friends.
  • Control which friends are included on reminders/pokes, and which ones aren't.

CentralPoke, the new app that makes it easy and fun to connect with friends, remember events and stay organized, is available now on the App Store. Learn more at http://neicom.com.au/

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