Challengein - Game platform that reinvents the word games

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Independent developers Claudio Carnino and Nicoletta Donadio have announced Challengein 1.8, their new gaming platform for iOS. Challengein serves to reinvent the word games for the modern age. We've studied the game mechanics and the psychology that makes successful Angry Birds and word games, and we've created a brand new product.

Challengein is a game platform and within its own community users can extend it. The user can create games about his own passions, without dealing with code and programming. Just compile some forms and upload some images and our service will create the customization of the games and serve it to the devices.

In every match, a user will play with different mini games, like Hangman, or Trivia, customized around a topic that the user will choose (eg. football, travel or Star Wars). And if he wants, he can create his own customization, without any technical skills, in just few hours.

Challengein also provides a Game as a Service for businesses. Any business can create a game (throw a self-service or assisted service) for example to launch a new product, to welcome new employees, to teach or test the employees competences, etc. Just with simple games.

Challengein's team is proud to announce the release the version 2.0, who introduce the customization for businesses, with four new games. These games will support the languages English, Italian and Spanish, like the actual games.

⇒ Smemo, a memory image game
⇒ Switch, move the words in the right category
⇒ Pyramid Image, an image trivia
⇒ Intruder, find the intruder into a group of six words

To celebrate the release of the new Challengein, will be released the 'Travel & World' customization for free, until August the 13th. To get it, just download the app.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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