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Assorted prizes are filling the pockets of players from all over the world in celebration of this early June holiday. The Children's Day activities involve a "Twinning Your Winnings" PVP activity and four 30 Essence of Wisdom gifts each day.

The "Twinning Your Winnings" activity is a fan favorite and doubles the EXP, honor, and money that players can receive from every PVP battle, win or lose. Each time a "Twinning Your Winnings" activity is launched, tens of thousands of players enter the PVP Arena in hopes of collecting enough honor to catch highly sought-after monsters like the skeletal dinosaur, Skelly, and the water dragon, Splashy. Players who acquire enough Essence of Wisdom can trade it for powerful skill books like Power of Darkness, which they can then teach their monsters to use during attacks.

The Children's Day activities are the first set of Haypi Monster activities to launch after the release Haypi Version 1.3, a major update that arrived in late May. Version 1.3's new contents have quickly entered the routine of long-time players.

A new feature, Boss Raids, involves scouring the lands in hopes of finding a raid boss. Players who encounter a raid boss can work together with "Pals" to down the boss for Boss Essence, which can be exchanged for spectacular prizes like gold and crystal chests. Boss Essence can even be exchanged for the synthesis scroll of the legendary Gryphion, a powerful electric gryphon with wings of steel blue and gold. A player can only encounter one boss at a time, and the boss must be defeated within 24 hours for the player to collect its Boss Essence.

The Boss Raids feature comes hand-in-hand with the Pal system. Players can make "Pals" by inviting another player to the game or by being the player who has been invited. A player's Pal list will include his/her inviter, the inviter's inviter, any referrals, and the referrals of any referrals. Players who have many Pals can fight multiple bosses at the same time, scoring themselves tons of Boss Essence. Pal-less players need not worry about being excluded from the exciting Boss Raids feature - if a long-time player has very strong monsters and determination, he and she can solo a raid boss before the 24 hours are over.

Another favorite feature, Level Rush, shaves hours off a busy player's schedule by allowing the player to instantly complete a Veteran or Expert mode challenge and spin the rewards wheel. Level Rushes take the place of a regular Veteran/Expert level, which players can complete up to ten times a day.

In the five months since the game's initial release, Haypi Monster has gained itself a massive following of loyal players. 32 Chinese servers and 39 global servers are up and running and each server contains thousands of active players.

Haypi Monster 1.3 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. The game is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Haypi Monster Version 1.4 is currently under development.

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