ClamCase Wraps iPad in New Fresh White Design and Chiclet Keyboard


clamcase keyboard case for iPad

ClamCase, the creator of the first all-in-one keyboard, case and stand for the iPad, has announced the launch of their most anticipated model to date; the all white ClamCase for iPad 2.  The accessory that has revolutionized the efficiency of the iPad is now offered in an alluring pure white.  The latest addition to the ClamCase fleet arrives just in time for the holiday season and just might be the perfect present for under the tree.

The iPad is the most sought after gift, and along with this year's favorite holiday gadget, comes bundles of accessory options to enhance the iPad experience.  Topping the wish-list is the latest model of the ClamCase product line.  The ClamCase not only elevates the iPad's efficiency, but the new sleek white design also gives it an extra touch of style. 

It's thinner, lighter and whiter.  The newly released ClamCase, adds an aesthetic element to a product that is inherently practical and efficient. The fresh white design perfectly complements the white iPad 2 and continues to offer all the versatility that users have come to know and love.  It features a white, ultra-durable, high-grade plastic shell, the signature hinge (now in white) and a scissor-action white chiclet style keyboard, creating a balance between beautiful design and the ultimate in functionality.

ClamCase, a consumer electronics design company based in Hollywood, California, manufactures and distributes the world's best tablet keyboard cases and peripheral devices. ClamCase products are in high demand worldwide for their desirable features and ability to enhance FaceTime®, Facebook®, YouTube®, Netflix®, iMessage®, online gaming, endless apps, and certainly web-surfing. In addition to the growing popularity with professionals, educational institutes, and other organizations, ClamCase products are used to protect the iPad investment, while greatly increasing its mobility, efficiency and productivity.

The White ClamCase® for iPad 2 is currently available at the ClamCase online store.


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