Clock Stand for iPad - A Unique Desk and Sleep Companion

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Clock Stand
Developer: Emir Fithri Bin Samsuddin
Price: $9.99 Download on the App Store

Independent app developer, emirBytes is pleased to announce today that Clock Stand for iPad is available to download in the Apple's App Store. The app is created specifically for the iPad platform, utilizing the touch interface. Clock Stand for iPad was created with simplicity in mind, but with many features that are very useful as a sleep companion and as your work desk companion.

The app features a very useful two-mode operation - Awake and Sleep mode - which can be switched by using the Apple's famous "Slide to..." control. Among the useful features of the app is the automated Weather Forecast (which auto-detects your location and requests the forecast for a place near you). The latest version brings a new weather forecast service since the previous weather service by Google was shutdown by Google sometime in August.

The app also sports a cool music player with a killer feature - Neuron-Soothe sound mode. Neuron-Soothe is a unique and special feature of Clock Stand that allows any music or sound played by the app to be modulated with the Alpha brain wave frequencies.

"Most binaural sound or music player app just plays a few low frequency sounds in the background. These low frequencies, although very low level, it still adds distortion to the bass of the music being played. Neuron-Soothe solves this problem by modulating the source of the music into the alpha brain wave frequency and only then present the sound to users. This produce a clean, yet soothing music for users", says the developer.

The developer also added, "Another cool feature of Clock Stand is the Talking Clock - just double tap the screen at any time, and the app will tell you the time. This is particularly useful, when you were awake at night but didn't want to open your eyes. There are 2 types of voice available - female and male."

Clock Stand for iPad Features:
- Clock widgets created programmatically using Quartz2d - so they look awesome in any device (iPad, iPad2 or the New iPad retina display)
- Fully customizable size and location - move, resize the widget using intuitive gestures
- Weather Forecast (based on the last 3 hours) - tells current temperature, temperature range, cloudiness, rain precipitation and humidity
- Built-In Music Player with Neuron-Soothe
- Built-In Slide Show with customizable photos
- Intelligent Sleep mode - stops any music, slide shows and dims display when it is triggered
- Supports 12/24h Time
- 10 Alarms with Snooze functions (alarm only works when app is active)

Clock Stand for iPad 1.1 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Weather category.

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