Cloud Printing Available for the New iPad Mini and iPad 4th Gen

ActivePrint (Print or Share Photos, Documents, and More) (AppStore Link)
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ActivePrint (Print or Share Photos, Documents, and More)
Developer: Pocket Watch, LLC.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Yesterday Apple raised the bar again with their new Apple iPad Mini. This new device creates a lower barrier to entry for people wanting an easy to use tablet. This is due to its smaller size and its lower price when compared to the traditional iPad. Similarly, Pocket Watch, LLC.'s award winning printing solution, ActivePrint, provides a lower barrier for users wanting to print from the new iPad Mini. With ActivePrint installed, iPad Mini users (as well as users of other iOS devices) can easily print documents and photos to any printer from anywhere in the world.

With ActivePrint 9.1 users can easily and securely send their documents on their iPad, iPad Mini, or iPhone to be printed no matter where they are. Whether the user is at the office, at home, or out of town they will always be able to print from their iPad or iPhone to their printer. And with the free ActivePrint System app installed on their PC or Mac, users can turn any printer into a Cloud Printer.

Charles Teel developed the idea of ActivePrint as a college student while at Texas A&M University after getting his first Pocket PC. In class, he would write pages and pages of notes on his Pocket PC but would have to manually copy those files to his desktop computer, and then print them one at a time. Frustrated, he looked for a software alternative to make this process simpler. However, the closest thing he could find would require another $400 of hardware and software, and even then it wouldn't fully automate the process. So Teel set out to develop ActivePrint, the first and only mobile printing solution that gives users the ability to print right out of the box at an affordable price (even for college students). Pocket Watch Software continued to develop the ActivePrint technology to make it more effective.

ActivePrint 9.1 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Apple App Store in the Productivity category. ActivePrint Lite is also available in the App Store for free as a way to try ActivePrint before you buy. A developers license is available for $100 a year per app.

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