Cloud Wallet Secures iOS Users' Voice, Visual and Text Data

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Cloud Wallet
Developer: SRD Wireless Limited
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SRD Wireless Limited has launched Cloud Wallet, the world's first commercially available post-quantum encryption application using the McEliece cryptosystem. Cloud Wallet is an easy to use iPhone/iPad/iPod app which uses state of the art technology to encrypt a user's confidential text, audio and visual data, and store it securely in the cloud using Dropbox.

Cloud Wallet is based on the technique published in 1978 by Professor Robert McEliece, a distinguished mathematician from Caltech. What is truly amazing is that no one to date has been able to crack it despite the best brains in cryptography constantly attacking it since 1978. It is by far the most attacked and proven post-quantum cryptographic technique available. Mathematicians have classified the McEliece method as NP-hard, and the crypto-community regards it as post-quantum secure. 

The past decade has seen an explosion in online transactions and data retrieval, posting and sharing. Most of the data pass through transmission gateways and servers are meant to be secure. However, the biggest security leaks we have seen to date relate more to human intervention and control failures, due to either maliciousness or just carelessness when handling the data.

With the increasing popularity of cloud computing and social networking, end users are storing and sharing data more than ever and we are all at the mercy of the service providers to ensure total security of data stored in the cloud. Recent high profile breaches have demonstrated that this approach is not sufficient. Cloud Wallet gives back to end users control over the security of their own data. It provides the ability to store confidential information securely regardless of the public infrastructure's level of security.

"May 2011 saw the launch of the first commercial quantum computer. If it does work to the claimed specification, its immense computing power will no longer be the work of science fiction,” said Professor Martin Tomlinson, co-founder and CEO of the company. “Virtually all the current public key cryptographic (PKC) techniques can be broken using quantum computers. They are not post-quantum secure and will need to be replaced."

"The standard McEliece system presents a number of efficiency and technical challenges which make it difficult to implement commercially. We have put in many man years' effort into making it semantically secure, improving the robustness and speed, as well as streamlining the user interface to make the product easy to use. We are proud to have achieved that goal to give users a simple yet invaluable tool. Our encryption speed is about 8-10 times faster than using RSA - the industry standard for public key cryptography which is neither semantically secure nor post-quantum secure. Our Never The Same (NTS) technology enables password-less access to the app and every encrypted output is different even if you encrypt the same input multiple times," Tomlinson continued.

"We will be launching other commercial products including a secure group data sharing app, a private cloud data transfer app, an unclonable passive RFID tag and a unique digital content distribution tool, all utilising our post-quantum NTS technology. In addition, NTS can be used to counter the recently publicized SSL hack, which exploits encrypted outputs which are static by nature using current PKC protocols. We have also patented several significant enhancements to the standard McEliece system, which will go into products only available to approved customers as the resulting encryption strength exceeds all known military standards to date."

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