Codekia Releases My Nutrition Intuitive App to Encourage Healthy Eating

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My Nutrition
Developer: Codekia Pty Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

Codekia, a pioneer in software development and app creation, today is pleased to announce the release of My Nutrition, a complete food nutrition database designed to help users meet their individual nutritional goals. My Nutrition will release Monday, July 8th on the iTunes App Store and features the most complete comprehensive database of nutritional facts and information containing over 8,000 foods directly from the USDA.

My Nutrition offers users the ability to keep track of everything they eat in one easy to use app. Rather than adding up fat, calories, and other nutritional measurements app counters, users can save foods and meals from the My Nutrition database and have the app keep track of what is consumed. These foods can be searched via the Food Category option, where foods are placed into categories based on food groups (dairy & eggs, fats and oils, poultry products, soups & sauces, etc.) or the food itself (bacon, beans, carrots, peas, etc.). From there users can save foods and meals into their "My Foods" section and easily access them at any time.

My Nutrition also features many optional features that users can benefit from. One of these features is searching by nutrients. For example, if a doctor recommends that someone needs more vitamin D in their diet, a simple search will find all foods high in vitamin D. Once the foods are found and consumed, they can be added to another optional feature of My Nutrition, My Diary. My Diary allows users to keep a daily record of what has been eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and as snacks in order to calculate nutritional totals so that users can meet their nutritional goals.

My Recipes and My Family are two more optional features found within My Nutrition. With My Recipes, users can add recipes to My Nutrition by searching the complete 8,000 food database for all the needed ingredients. The recipe can be added to the My Foods section and will contain all the nutritional information desired. The My Family feature calculates calories burned and the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for key members of the family. This allows for easy management of the user's family RDI as well as meal plans, recipes, and healthy lifestyle tips all in one place.

"We designed this app with our heart for our child's specific dietary requirement." Brett Nash, CTO of Codekia. "We solved a problem of our own and believe My Nutrition can definitely help anyone looking to take control of their diet."

My Nutrition Features:
* Search: nutritional facts for 8,000+ foods
* My Foods: save favorites foods, and ones you should avoid
* Recipes: create your own recipes anytime, anywhere, and discover their total nutrition
* Food Diary: keep track of your meals and total nutrients
* Share: share foods with others to Facebook and Twitter
* Family: calculate recommended daily intake (RDI) for you and your family

My Nutrition 2.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. The app features in-app purchases for the additional features. My Nutrition is launching with an informative and helpful explainer video in order to better share the outstanding benefits the app offers its users.

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