Cogent Mobile Virtual Private Assistant is redefining mobile CRM

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Cogent vCRM
Developer: Cogent Mobile, Inc.
Price: $9.99 Download on the App Store

Cogent vCRM is a mobile productivity platform that is redefining mobile productivity for mobile enterprise applications. Leveraging voice recognition as an enabling user interface cogent mobile is able to match smartphone form the intrinsic function enterprise applications. Cogent vCRM leverages industry leading technologies in the CRM industry along with; voice recognition and mobile Smartphone OS platforms to innovation and redefine mobile CRM productivity.

Cogent Mobile, Inc. a leading provider of mobile productivity applications for enterprises, today announced the launch of its private beta of the Cogent vCRM application and platform. The Cogent vCRM application and platform are designed to address the mobile productivity demands of active Field sales and service professionals. Field sales and service professionals spend a significant portion of their day working remotely, traveling from client to client on sales and service meetings. Today's highly mobile professional requires real-time access to important client and product information and also have a need to input data such as meeting notes, to-do tasks, calendar events and forecast updates. In many organizations these business critical tasks cannot be achieved in an efficient manner while working remotely.

Research and feedback from sales and service professionals have shaped the functionality and use cases for the Cogent vCRM application. At the heart of the strategy is a unique user interface that increases productivity and maximizes ROI.

Basic Features:
- Bi-Directional and engaging Voice UI
- Multi-modal input (voice and touch)
- Create Data with Voice
- Search Data with Voice
- Calendar Support
- Update Data
- Delete Data

Cogent vCRM 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category. Please inquire about advanced functionality offered in the Professional and Enterprise versions of the Cogent vCRM application. More information can be found at Cogent Mobile online.

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