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CoinBook Pro: A Catalog of U.S. Coins - an app about dollar, cash & coin (AppStore Link)
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CoinBook Pro: A Catalog of U.S. Coins - an app about dollar, cash & coin
Developer: Adam Meszaros
Price: $3.99 Download on the App Store

Jeremy Ware, an independent new developer, today is excited to announce the latest update to CoinBook Pro - A Catalog of U.S. Coins. Have a 1982 dime without a mint mark? How about a copper 1943 penny? Check out CoinBook Pro to see if any of the coins you own are rare.

Not only is the app a price guide, CoinBook Pro provides melt calculators for all of your silver and gold coins. Have you recently acquired some coins that you cannot identify or grade? No problem - a new feature has been added to allow you to submit pictures of your coins to have them identified and appraised for Free. Why pay $15.95 a year for a printed price guide when you can have the same information, melt calculators, free appraisals, and semi-annual pricing updates - all for the price of your morning cup of coffee.

What's new:
- Save your gold and silver inventory for the melt calculator
- Foreign silver and gold available
- Live charts for silver and gold bullion

User feedback has shaped the app into its current design. The precious metal calculator and appraisal features were modeled after user requests. This app has always belonged to its users.

"I really appreciate the hard work that has made this app available to all of us at such a low price...Best app I have" - CoinBook Pro user

CoinBook Pro 3.4.1 is currently 50% off for a short time, but hurry - sale is one week only. For a limited time, CoinBook Pro is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Reference category.

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