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Storm Distance Tracker - My Outdoor Thunder, Lightning & Severe Weather Alert Calculator (AppStore Link)
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Storm Distance Tracker - My Outdoor Thunder, Lightning & Severe Weather Alert Calculator
Developer: Switchback Media LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Switchback Media LLC, a Denver-based mobile app development company, announced today the release of its latest app, Storm Distance Calculator. Too many hikers and golfers get trapped in risky situations because they misjudge the distance of an approaching storm. With Storm Distance Calculator, users will be able to quickly calculate the approximate distance of a storm so that they can safely take cover before it pounces on them. This app is not overly complicated and it's not overly fancy, but it is very straightforward and easy to use. Available now in the App Store, this weather app is free to download.

After several close calls in the Colorado Rockies, Switchback Media LLC owners decided to create this app so that on future adventures, they and other outdoor enthusiasts will have an easy to use tool that will allow them to judge a storm's distance and take the appropriate cover. Aside from the adventurous-type, this app is great for the front porch thunderstorm watcher to entertain themselves and their family by tracking a storm as it approaches. Many of us have heard the old notion that roughly every second between the flash of lightning and the clap of thunder equals about one mile in distance. Well Storm Distance Calculator takes that one step further, using an integrated stopwatch and specially programmed algorithm to track the distance of an electrical storm.

Storm Distance Calculator has a very clean look to it, and it is very simple to use. When a flash of lightning is seen, the user simply pushes the "Lightning" button, which starts the stopwatch. When the sequential thunder clap is then heard, the user pushes the "Thunder" Button, which stops the stopwatch and triggers the algorithm to generate an approximate distance of the approaching storm.

- Integrated Facebook and Twitter functions
- Option to measure in miles and feet or kilometers and meters
- Sound option
- Clear instructions as well as the background behind the calculation
- Large and easy to read "Lightning" and "Thunder" buttons to make sure there is no confusion
- Split-second results generation

Storm Distance Calculator 1.0 is now available for free in the iTunes store in the Weather category.

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